Times Through Verses

You listen to what is within and come to realize that there is something more than your thoughts. Yes, your capacity to think and to reveal the depths of your sentiments are expressions of your feelings about you and around you, and for the moments yet to come. Indeed, this is the very essence of thoughts, and how powerful they can be, especially when transformed and knitted into verses. In fact, the realities that you live in— when translated into poetry— are immense, moving and perhaps deafening to those ears and blinding to those eyes, who wish to hear and see their perspectives upheld; if not, just simply openers to close minds. Along this line, TimesPoet comes in, an author at his own fashion, offering avenues for insights of the world through times, as may be described by his thoughts, feelings and dreams. Perhaps, construe them as revelations in the divine sense or merely, ordinary snippets of ideas— either be— but after all at the end, you in the finality of your understanding, will be the best judge for what to lose or to gain. Regardless, TimesPoet will continue to venture in time and space to realize its own purpose, maybe through the willing hearts of those who will delight in verses. And if you are not, then possibly, be one by chance; and in the streams of words, flow.